Mindfulness Monday


Mindfulness is a great way to be present in the moment, paying attention to how we are feeling, our thoughts and bodily sensations.

Here are three mindfulness exercises to try today...

Self-Care Saturday

One of the main things we ask our clients to consider during our time working together is their self-care routine. Self-care practices are the things we do for ourselves that help us maintain our mental-health and wellbeing. When we start to practice better self-care, we notice that our mental health starts to become more manageable. Here are a few examples of what self-care looks like...


Friday Reflection

Reflection is a great way of processing our thoughts and feelings, helping with our personal growth and developing our self-awareness.

Try asking yourself these five questions as a way of reflecting on your week -

  • What did I accomplish this week?
  • What challenges did I face this week?
  • What is one thing that brought me joy this week?
  • What is something I can do for myself today, to make me feel better tomorrow?

The Emotions Wheel

Emotions are a fundamental part of life, powerful messengers that tell us something important about what we are experiencing. The emotion wheel is a great tool to use when we want to focus in on what we are feeling and allow ourselves to explore our complex emotions, giving us deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves.

Emotions wheels are a great visual tool that help us label what we are feeling, here's an example of how to use it-

1. Use the wheel to identify one of the core emotions you are feeling at the centre of the wheel. These are known as the 6 primary emotions.

2. Try to recognise why you might be feeling this emotion, are you happy because you’ve just spent time with a friend, or perhaps you are feeling angry because of something that has happened in your day.

3. Emotions lead to other emotions - Look at the other emotions branching outward from the core emotion you identified. For example, the core emotion may be anger because of something that happened at work. Using the wheel to move away from the core emotion, begin to recognise that you are feeling angry because a friend at work has let you down and you feel unsupported.

4. Explore even further what you are feeling using the outer circle. Are you feeling betrayed or resentful?

5. Use the emotion wheel as way of gaining deeper self-awareness, empowering you to label and understand what you are feeling and why.

*Emotion wheel originally developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox

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Are you thinking about reaching out for support but feel scared? You are not alone. Thinking about seeing a counsellor can feel scary, anxiety inducing and uncomfortable.

Maybe you haven’t experienced counselling before, perhaps you’ve had a negative counselling experience, or maybe you’re fearful of what might happen once you step into that counselling room.

Here are some of the reasons people struggle to reach out for support and how we can help alleviate some of that fear - 


“I’m scared”

 Clients fear many things when it comes to seeing a counsellor – fear of being judged, fear of change, fear of being open to their feelings, fear of the unknown. Rose and Jazz dedicate themselves to providing a space where you are free to discuss any questions, anxieties or fears you have surrounding the counselling process. Change can feel scary and uncomfortable, often we find ourselves resistant to change, feeling safe in the discomfort we are experiencing although we are unhappy. The therapy room is a safe space for you to explore this discomfort, working through those thoughts and feelings that may be preventing you from accessing the support you deserve.



"If I see a counsellor does that mean I’m weak or there’s something really wrong with me?"

There is a common misconception about what coming to counselling entails and how you might be perceived by friends and family. It is important to remember that reaching out for support is a brave step and the first step to creating long lasting, positive change. People access counselling for a number of different reasons, but it is important to remember that seeing a counsellor does not make you weak or flawed in any way. There is strength in reaching out for help.



“I don’t have the time to see a therapist”.

- Living in a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to make space and time to invest in yourself. Online counselling is growing in popularity, giving clients the opportunity to access support from their own home without having to factor in travel time and costs, ultimately saving you money and precious time!



“I don’t want to tell a stranger my feelings, what if they tell other people”

We take confidentiality very seriously, allowing you the space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a trusting environment. Whatever you choose to bring to counselling remains in the counselling room creating peace of mind for you.



“Does therapy even work?”

Talking with someone who is non-judgemental that you can trust can feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Varying studies suggest that people who undergo talk therapy have an increased change of improving their mental health and creating long lasting positive changes. Jazz and Rose commit themselves to providing you with the space to develop your own self-awareness, empowering you to make a positive difference in your life.


To book a free 15 minute informal conversation with Jazz or Rose to discuss any fears you may have, please visit -



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Conversations in the Community - MIND

Conversations surrounding our mental health are important, yet sometimes we can find it difficult to know what to say. MIND have developed a free, 90 minute, online course that be done from the comfort of your own home to help you build confidence in how to have conversations surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

click below to access the 90 minute course with MIND -


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